One Punch Man Episode 01 Subbed

One Punch Man Episode 01 Subbed

One Punch Man Episode 1. Watch One Punch Man Episode 1 in High Quality HD online on
You Are watching One Punch Man Episode 1. Episode 1 in the TV Anime Series One Punch Man.



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22 thoughts on “One Punch Man Episode 01 Subbed”

    • he’d would woop his ass, goku has to charge legit the majority of his moves, but Saitama, ONE PUNCH, Goku’s dead

    • Goku has a limit you can’t deny that but Saitama doesn’t have a limit of what we know so if we just takes that in prospective it’s like setting a no power super hero up against superman. Goku doesn’t have a chance when that is said I think Goku is awesome I hope that all of you can se the point that I’m trying to make I’m not saying that Saitama is better than Goku i’m just saying that Saitama is in a hole other league.

        • Goku’s limit breaking is the classic shounen anime trope “up to 11” where a character reaches their limit and then though will power or friendship or what ever is able to push past it.
          Saitama on the other hand is a joke character, made to poke fun at anime tropes if you read all his source material it points to him not having a limit because his literal punch line is he wins without trying.
          So if you say you’ve got a serious fighting character who you say “can beat saitama” then the jokes going over you’re head.

  1. hhhhhhh :p ,hoho new kids how old are you ? !: what !!!!! ? are y a fool goku has a limit who did that !!! you ? loOl sorry bro but i think you are just a new fan of saitama and you are not from the old school of manga and animation !!! you don”t know what does mean the seiyans and the world of dragon ball !!! sorry your one punch can’t do anything with goku !! you said Saitama is in a hole other league ?!!!!!! hhhhhhhhhhhhh just let your emotion out and use your mind analyse the situation ok ? if you want to know who is goku go watch dbz the real goku not super ok :^^ im not saying that super is not good but absolutly is not dbz go see the origins of the saiyans !!!! but we are talking about the character and the idea here !! dud every time you beat a saiyan he become stronger and stronger his emotions and anger make him more stronger and the idea of a saiyan is the ultimate fighter who will surpass everything and anyone in the multiverse even gods and that does mean no limit bro ^^ and saitama is just an earthling who has an immense power and a strong punch who play the hero role that simply mean that we don’t know if saitama has a limit or not ;honestly but is not the case about the saiyans ;is not just fighting !! if you understand the idea and the character you will understand the meaning of the story bro every when you train harder you become stronger this is the base of the martial artist ^^ l and goku is the strongest ultimate character in all animation and manga because of the idea :
    the saiyans bro 😉 lol

  2. cant ben 10 beat goku i mean if ben can just scan him it would only like half a second for him to transform in goku i think im still new to this superhero stuff

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