One Punch Man Episode 05 Subbed

One Punch Man Episode 05 Subbed

One Punch Man Episode 5. Watch One Punch Man Episode 5 in High Quality HD online on
You Are watching One Punch Man Episode 5. Episode 5 in the TV Anime Series One Punch Man.



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19 thoughts on “One Punch Man Episode 05 Subbed”

  1. Well. Worst episode by far. It’s sad that it has stupid and boring filler like this. Anyway the fight between Genos and Saitama was worth the watch.

    • it’s not a filler, it’s exactly what happens in the manga as well. first, remember it’s a comedy. but mostly, this episode sets the future events, the super hero association will be an essential part of the story from now on, i mean really essential, it sets the whole god damn series. the rank of saitama is also important for the plot. so yeah, it’s most definitively not a filler.

    • thats not even his serious punch, his single serious punch able to destroy a half of universe. {according to the creator}

  2. Haha a filler? Are you high? This is right to the manga and a great episode! Go watch naruto shippuden and learn the pain which is a filler.

  3. Love that ending, “So this is what you ment by i’ll be back” “Yes, may i move in? (While carrying a huge backpack)” “Absolutely not.” “(Drops huge wad of cash on table) I brought rent money.” “…….. Did you bring a toothbrush?”

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