One Punch Man Episode 08 Subbed

One Punch Man Episode 08 Subbed

One Punch Man Episode 8. Watch One Punch Man Episode 8 in High Quality HD online on
You Are watching One Punch Man Episode 8. Episode 8 in the TV Anime Series One Punch Man.



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55 thoughts on “One Punch Man Episode 08 Subbed”

  1. does anyone know how many episodes opm will have?i looked up wikipedia and it says 12+6 ovas.if thats true then there is only 5 episodes left.anyone with any ideas?

    • It’s a 2 parter, and this is the half that sets it up, there were no real fights in it, the whole point of this episode is to show strong-ish characters fighting the enemy and being beaten to establish how powerful the character is.

  2. This was dissapointing, although maybe it was nessasary too, We all know that Saitama is gonna show up as Genos is almost kicked unconscious, and kill the sea king in one punch.

  3. Well, even the manga had two chaptersand it isn’t surprising that the episodes are also divides into two….you haven’t seen his first ‘serious’ punch yet….

  4. What??? Dayum! This episode is killing me! We’ll be waiting several days again for the next episode! This show is getting better and better!

  5. The problem is they focus too much on characters no one cares about. The only people I have given a f**k about besides saitama is the villains from the first couple of episodes

  6. Holy mother of fish puddings… Saitama at the ending made me have goosebumps with his badass serious expression! Even though I re-read the manga so many times and know what will happen, this anime still excites me!

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