One Punch Man Episode 09 Subbed

One Punch Man Episode 09 Subbed

One Punch Man Episode 9. Watch One Punch Man Episode 9 in High Quality HD online on
You Are watching One Punch Man Episode 9. Episode 9 in the TV Anime Series One Punch Man.



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37 thoughts on “One Punch Man Episode 09 Subbed”

  1. Oh gaahd, this anime is one of the best anime that has been made. *Q* I just love how well this is animated, it’s so mind blowing that the animators kept the shading tho. *Q* And if this season ends, I’m really hoping for a season 2 for this. ^_^ And gaahd, that last scene is making me more and more excited about what’s gonna happen next. I’m thrilled deym. XD

    • That’s just season one I think (thank goodness!!!) because the manga has a load of episodes ?
      But yeah there really should be more than 12 per season- it’s soooo difficult to wait a week for each 20 min shot of epicness

  2. the humans in this anime are pissing miie off…what r they doing, standing there watching while the heroes are fighting? shouldnt they be running for their lives!? its suppose to be a touching scene when the people cheer on the rider, but i cant help but think they still cheer on the rider even though they can see he cant defend the sea king, are they trying to get him kill? or maybe they are thinking if the rider is gone, the next is them so they cheer him on?? that ugly guy is so ungrateful and even say the monster is weak.. and saitama is cool and humble, and maybe not wanting the other heroes to lose their reputation so he did that, but that all it took to convince the humans, he is a fake and the monster is weak! i guess they need more convincing zzz…

  3. Well…In real life people do this too, so it didn’t come off as any surprise really. Damn sad though. Saitama’s the true hero all along even before the stupid association got put together..

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