One Punch Man Episode 12 Subbed

One Punch Man Episode 12 Subbed

One Punch Man Episode 12. Watch One Punch Man Episode 11 in High Quality HD online on
You Are watching One Punch Man Episode 12. Episode 12 in the TV Anime Series One Punch Man.



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36 thoughts on “One Punch Man Episode 12 Subbed”

  1. what a letdown of an episode. what was the point of drive knight telling genos that metal knight is his enemy if they werent even going to fight?

    • maybe its a hint toward him being the guy who destroyed his village or home or something :/ or just a hint toward them working on a second season maybe? lets hope 😛

    • It would be disappointing if they fought, Genos is not stupid why would he fight that loser without finding more information about him and the whole situation first, that Metal Knight guy is suspicious and it’s best to learn his motives and back story first. SEASOOOOON 2!!!!

  2. Many new things in this ep. e.g. jump to and from other planet, multi punch fight from saitama and greater threat level. appreciated!!!

  3. therefore, every last episode of the season.. is not a one punch battle. ^ ^ the best episode ever.. more please! ^^

  4. Well folks I hope you enjoyed season 1! For you adamant manga readers, you know there’s more to come! Heres to season 2!

  5. OMG…. BEST ANIMEEEE!!!! BTW… if anyone watched hunter x hunter willl understand…. the hero association and headquarters/hunters association and headquarters… ranks A B C AND S…. hunter ranks…. and not sure if you notice but silverfang looks like killuas grandad one of the zoldyks XD…. cant wait for the next season!!!!!!

  6. i think it seems pretty obvious that are Hero of the show is going to be the God level threat to the earth in the 6 months time.
    which i think will be amazing.

  7. anyone notice the alien that looks like the giant bugs from wind valley nausicaa? he’s in a scene when they are tied up ><… he just doesnt have like 20 eyes lol

  8. “I’m on the side of Justice,”
    “S-class heroes like you are an embarrassment,”
    “I swiftly implemented justice, I’m sure you understand,”
    I hope you can understand when I swiftly implement my foot down your throat

  9. Considering the fact that I haven’t seen pretty boy do anything useful since his first appearance, I don’t think he has room to call anyone a disappointment

  10. If this doesn’t get a second season, I’m having Madhouse tried for crimes against humanity.

    The world must have a second season.

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